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Western Caribbean cruise weather condition are fickle for anybody planning a vacation indeed there due to intense rainfall when you look at the fall. The western Caribbean comprises of a small amount of countries such Jamaica, Roatan off Honduras in addition to Cayman isles. Additionally includes the Mexican area of Cozumel plus the Central US nations that face the Caribbean Sea, specially Honduras, Panama, Belize and Costa Rica. Most western Caribbean cruises feature some combination of the above mentioned locations.

Average Temperatures
Most locations have average high temperatures monthly including the mid-80s Fahrenheit when you look at the winter months toward high 80s as well as low 90s during summer. Jamaica, the Cayman isles and Cozumel have average high temperatures above 90 during summer months and are usually the warmest of the western locations. Belize and Costa Rica aren’t since warm partly because of the cooler rainfall forests and mountainous areas.

Average low temperatures when it comes to region add the mid 60s toward low seventies when you look at the winter months toward mid seventies and quite often greater during summer. Remember low atmosphere temperatures in addition imply low sea-water temperatures for people who like swimming and tanning. The Cayman Islands possess coolest lows of every destination in the region.

Average Rainfall
The annual Caribbean hurricane season goes from June 1 to Nov. 30. The months with the most storms and hurricanes — typically two to four each month — are August, September and October. Most locations look at greatest rain in September and October. Complete rainfall can get up to eight to 10 inches in one thirty days for locations such Cozumel, a well known cruise port of telephone call. Costa Rica can obtain a whole lot more, but much of it drops inland without in the coastline. Note that inland excursions including the nation’s preferred zip lining have increased chance of rainfall.

Most readily useful Months to Go
The best months for western Caribbean cruise weather condition are in the springtime and summer with regards to their combination of warm temperatures and reasonably low levels of rainfall. The riskiest months are December through February due to cool temperatures and September and October due to hefty rainfall. But the risky months in addition tend to have reduced charges for cruises.

Weather Forecasts
Even when forecasts demand rainfall, the rain are brief and intense without long and regular. The forecast may demand rainfall when selecting a last-minute cruise, however the weather condition may nevertheless be good total.


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