The Yellowfins from HELL!


Hi Lee Palm/Red Rooster crew(San Diego – Ca).. Keep my rail spot cool for me personally – will not you?

Fishing Report from Nassau Bahamas (8-10-2000)(Thursday)(Air Temperature 92 levels. Water temp. – middle 80’s levels). Clear skies, no wind and burning up hot sunshine. Caught two Yellowfins within the 60-pound range that very nearly delivered me to a healthcare facility.

Caught 2 YFY on Thursday – fishing “solamente” aboard my WellCraft Scarab that had only already been repowered with two 225 Evinrude fichts (cost had been $28,000 including the installation).

Both YFT went about 70#s each (83 pounds of filet). Drift fished with fresh/frozen squid to start out. Started fishing at 9:30AM and quit at 2PM.

When I attained the united states Navy’s AUTEC buoy 10 kilometers offshore (a training area for the US Navy’s atomic subs – which appear on top on occasion)(the AUTEC buoy is within 6,000 foot of liquid) Capt. Robbie New (off Trinidad) of the “Little Trick” had been starting to fish.

For first time all I managed had been a 2 lb jack – that I later employed for bait.

Robbie had been having no chance both, but we saw a few 50# YFTs come high out from the liquid several times, to ensure that held united states anticipating.

At around 11:00 AM my bow rod with 80 pound test range and 80# green Berkley trilene leader, with a tiny Mustard group hook in the end (with a 100# test Sampo swivel in the middle) went down.

I’d only seen a big YFT fly through area mins before, and I had been thinking I’d him or his relative – for sure. The range screamed out, together with fish ran deep. Every little thing pointed to a YFT, but after about 10 minutes I saw a 25 pound-foot shark to my range, hooked inside the mouth using group hook.

Making the shark on the line within the rodholder, I sat down for a glass or two of liquid – from a gallon synthetic jug in my own cooler.

Cut him loose, I was thinking to myself. But, then I remembered just how many YFT’s I would caught using shark as bait, and visited simply take another view him. He had been a 4 foot lengthy. Usually too large to make use of, but the fishing had been slow, and I chose to simply take him.

Despite the fact that I understood he would thrash about crazy-like whenever I gaffed him, I made a decision to choose it, but I missed my 5-foot lengthy fishbox, and saw him go bonkers to my deck, when I hustled to slip him into the Scarab’s 2-1/2 foot deep fishbox.

By 12 noon I turned from “squid” to the fresh jack for bait on all three of my poles. Right now, the shark had been dead, and so I pulled him to the stern and started initially to filet him – throwing odds and ends of shark beef overboard – with many bloodstream being washed overboard with my saltwater through-hull washdown pump.

I filleted one side of the shark, took your skin and cut it into 5 pieces, and through it over the part. Constantly – cleansing the blood and guts overboard. I cut the shark’s giant liver into tiny pieces, and saw all of them float on top – when I slowly drifted along towards to AUTEC Buoy.

Within five minutes of cutting into this shark, the bow range went down – “screaming”. This time I understood it absolutely was probably a YFT. The fish had hit the 80# test trilene range on a 5-1/2 foot Palm seashore tuna rod, held in a Perko part mount rodholder.

I instantly scrambled about for my use and playmate gear. Several times the YFT would end his operate deep, and I’d reel the range in quick to be sure there was no slack within the range, and smiled whenever I thought his body weight again to my pole.

But, it absolutely was 95 levels in the sun, and I had been going to expedience one thing in 8 many years of YFT fishing (and over 350 caught and arrived), that was gonna get this to no ordinary day in the liquid.

After picking right on up the rod and snapping into the use, I began the slow means of taking him to color. I became grateful he’d selected the rod using 80# test range, once the other two reels (Shimano graphite a Penn 30W) had 50# test Trilene (huge Game) range, and fighting a YFT on 50# test range is a completely various ball game.

15 minutes into the challenge, my flash (in the reel) got a horrible cramp, as well as stuck to my palm. I couldn’t understand just why this is taking place, but held going – trying to get rid of the cramp.

A few momemts later the cramps spread to my forearm – after that around my biceps. I am 220 pounds, a former HS All American swimmer, and 4 time NY State silver medallist, and so I’d experienced hard exercise sessions, but this is one thing I never ever handled.

Even my feet were cramping up. There was no wind, no cover from my bimini top, and it also had been 95 levels within the color. It-all included around one thing – “temperature Exhaustion”.

To cool down I attempted stepped into a 5-gallon container of saltwater, but this didn’t assist one iota. My foot were additionally too large for the container.

Besides, I became getting abnormally exhausted – FAST. TEMPERATURE FATIGUE had occur, and had been challenging myself like “The old-man together with sea”.

It took myself 55 mins to land this 70-pound YFT, but I finally got him within the watercraft. Boy, had been I relieved.

Often I wash all of the bloodstream off my watercraft instantly upon landing a seafood, but now I visited the stern, turned-on the saltwater pump, sat to my cooler, and just let that saltwater run over my mind for five minutes. I completed down about 3/4 of this gallon jug of liquid too.

When I slowly headed in the course of Capt. Robbie’s “Little Trick”, the cool air striking my Toronto Raptor NBA Jersey (#14 worn by Vince Carter) made myself feel much better, but I still wasn’t 100percent.

In addition, you might want to purchase one of those NBA “Jersey’s sometime. Might understand the reason why the NBA utilizes all of them. They’ve been 1000 times cooler than such a thing cotton fiber or other material. I have a Laker’s #34 too. My favorite.

I waved at Capt. Robbie, when I passed slowly off his stern, in which he shouted – “I was thinking you were fighting 2 YFT, you were gone such a long time.”

Anyhow, I put up again to try for another (YFT).

Now I am using white shark chunks in all my hooks, and chunking using fresh shark – once the lines tend to be let out.

About 45 mins later, the stern range goes down – screaming. It is my Penn 30 Global without any leader and 50# Trilene range – no swivel. Christ, I believed to myself, the reason why did this fish do this for me?

The hook on this range was just a #4 Mustard stay bait connect – that you could purchase 50 to a bundle for under ten dollars at Wal-Mart or K-Mart.

It was going to be a whole new “ballgame”. I’ll need to be “gentle” in the drag – or he’ll bite through trilene, or pull the hook.

Because it turned-out, I sooner or later got this YFT to color after over 60 minutes. I practiced equivalent cramps as before, and also at one-point – on this fish – I was thinking about “giving up”.

It wasn’t that I have $6 a pound for the fillet (from my restaurant friends) that held myself at the rail, but the considered cutting a YFT down had been impossible.

After gaffing this 70# YFT and pulling him over the gunwale, I trolled by Robbie (which remained until 7PM and caught not a one) and waved – saying i want house.

True Tale.


Capt. Solo – aka Tom Azzara
Boat – “the Taxman”
Nassau, Bahamas
British Commonwealth territory
(not area of the “East Coast”)

Tom’s Fishing Gallery.

Just take a rest, and check out these photos through the 6th yearly Billabong’s fishing competition presented in Nassau, within the bright, tax-free Bahamas.

simply click onto (or web browser it) below….

From: Lee Palm Long-range Sportfishers

TRIP #14; August 6th to August 11th 5-Day Trip:

The 2nd of the three back-to-back 5-dayers in the Red Rooster III’s summer time schedule once more supplied outstanding fishing on her guests. Chuck Melber of Agoura CA led the way with a 84.1 pound. bluefin tuna to make the jackpot, followed closely by a 79.8 pound. bigeye for Justin Christensen of Newbury Park CA and a 73 pound. bluefin for Joe Stickles of Orange CA. “It was good constant action throughout the trip” noted captain Andy Cates. “Some days felt wilder than the others of course, but searching straight back in the trip I would say that there had been good constant fishing the whole method through.”

The trip fished because far-down as Guadalupe Island for many excellent class yellowfin, but the albacore reasons nearer to house yeilded limits of the longfins and a take on the bigger bluefin aswell. “We had some actually exemplary moments,” noted co-captain Jeff DeBuys, “but none
quite because astonishing once the second-place jackpot bigeye arrived by Justin . Whenever we got that puppy to color we understood we had found some quality fishing for our men. It was positively a notable fish, as well as in the conclusion it included well to your trophy bluefin count.” This, combined with the quality-sized albacore had by all, gave the Rooster yet another inside her lengthy string of exemplary long-range adventures.



Resource by Thomas Azzara


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