Jeanneau NC11 Assessment – Boat Buyer’s Guide to Second-Hand Jeanneau NC11


The Jeanneau NC11 is a sport cruiser which provides massive liveable space with numerous headroom throughout the two-cabin design. For versatility, the transom lounge slides fore-and-aft on rails to improve how big is the seat and/or swimming system. Exposure is excellent, and three people can remain collectively dealing with the unbroken front windscreen pane. Its truly revolutionary design gained this effective yacht the accolade of European Boat of the Year last year, and that makes it a top consideration proper thinking about a second-hand design.

Which and the thing that was this vessel designed for?

The Jeanneau NC11 is an activities cruiser that offers a panoramic view and a totally equipped helm place, that has a joystick making docking easy, and ensures that seaside cruising is not difficult and very enjoyable.

Exactly what commentators state about that vessel

an attractive sports cruiser whose hardtop also recommends utility.

Spending time agreeable comes with very few compromises. If you’re looking for the nice life agreeable, this design might be for you personally.

An apartment with terrace and water views.

Hardly any other vessel has provided such convertibility, in my experience.

An elegant overview and modern design presenting a brand new vision of the household vessel.

Great circulation around and through vessel, with light and airy living spaces.

Modern innovations with regards to organisation of room and lifestyle agreeable.

Model variations

This design premiered this year, and is still in manufacturing.

• solitary and twin diesel sterndrive variations can be obtained.


• Length overall: 36ft 6in (11.15m)

• Beam: 12ft 3in (3.74m)

• Draft: 3ft 3in (1.0m)

• body weight (twin-engine): 6.5 tons (5925kg)

• gasoline ability: 158 gallons/ US gallons (720 litres)

• Water ability: 82 gallons/ US gallons (375 litres)

• Engines: Volvo D6 330DP or 2 x D3 200DP

What is great in regards to the Jeanneau NC11

• Genuine innovation.

• Class-leading level of glass.

• Walkaround porches and decent seat.

• Generous accommodation program with great headroom.

• great performance and easy docking with joystick or thruster.

• Light and airy room within saloon.

• huge lavatory and shower storage space.

• Good owner’s and 2nd cabins.

• Sliding seat sitting device gives larger seat location whenever washing system not being used.

Things to consider on an used Jeanneau NC11

If you’re purchasing a made use of Jeanneau NC11, our designers and owners have actually reported several things to watch out for and potential faults that might happen with this vessel occasionally.

• really tight usage of the bilge pump in case of failure, replacement, or maintenance.

• Float switches stick after time.

Maintaining your Jeanneau NC11 in form

When buying a made use of Jeanneau NC11, regular planned maintenance and awareness of some minor points keeps your craft in top problem.

Regular maintenance

Complete regular motor and drive maintenance based on the manufacturer’s suggested intervals.


• Electrical roof alternative requires regular cleaning/maintenance.

• The side/rear accessibility requires regular cleaning/maintenance.

Laying up

Follow manufacturer’s suggestions whenever laying up for wintertime.

Model-specific repair works

The Jeanneau NC11 is certainly not known for needing certain repair works more frequently than other boats.

The reason why buy an used Jeanneau NC11?

The Jeanneau NC11 makes an excellent household cruiser, combining economic climate with sporting performance. This stylish vessel ought to be a serious consideration proper looking for a second-hand cruiser inside price range.


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