Intex Seahawk 400 Inflatable Boat Review


The Intex Seahawk 400 inflatable ship is a recreational craft that’s ideal for sailing or fishing on relaxed streams, ponds, and ponds. Although not an inflatable kayak or canoe per se, the Intex Seahawk 400 suits the person who desire a sturdy inflatable ship to use for a variety of outdoor recreation.


The Intex Seahawk 400 consists of 30 measure PVC plastic that’s interestingly sturdy and tough. 30 measure plastic will withstand harm from effects, abrasions, sunlight, also rocks and logs. This type of plastic normally unchanged by saltwater, gas, or oil. No additional precautions are needed for saltwater sailing or motors.

This inflatable is constructed with two environment chambers also an inner hull chamber and an inflatable floor. Various other functions feature welded oarlocks, along with two fly rod holders which are found on contrary finishes of this craft.


One of many good areas of the Intex Seahawk 400 inflatable ship is the fact that precisely what is required to get on water rapidly is included. The ship is sold with oars which are collapsible, plus two inflatable chairs. The business additionally tosses in a small equipment case, some rope as well as 2 fishing pole holders that were stated earlier.

When filled, this inflatable ship is extremely sturdy, probably as a result of the 30 measure product that is used throughout its construction. Even though the manufacturer implies that the ship are capable of around four people, (optimum of 814 weight) we advice that a couple plus equipment, eg a cooler also various traveling items, tend to be an ideal complement an all-day excursion.


One interesting aspect of the Intex Seahawk 400 is the fact that the inflatable floor section won’t have exactly the same variety of valves because the other inflatable compartments. It’s smaller and cheaper rather than as simple to utilize. Some people complain that floor just isn’t a sturdy because the other areas of this ship itself.

In the event that you anticipate performing many fishing with this specific inflatable ship, remember it is almost impossible to stand up while fishing. It’s also a challenge to possess a couple fishing into the ship at the same time. Additionally remember the craft is inflatable, which means you’ll need maintain those fishing hooks also razor-sharp items off the floor or anywhere close to an area which can be punctured.

We discovered that the Intex Seahawk 400 was very difficult to go when there is many wind. Because it is a vessel rather than formed like a kayak or canoe, it’s more hard to steer unless water is relaxed and there is few people like going wind present. We claim that you maybe not utilize this ship for very long excursions far from shore. The very last thing you need is a sudden violent storm to come up while attempting to have it the right path back into shore and heavy winds.


Incredibly, the Intex Seahawk 400 inflatable ship is priced under $100. At that price, there exists many value for your money. Indeed, you may well be capable buy the Seahawk 400 on Amazon for under $70. Which is not more that you would pay for a simple inflate raft that you would use within your backyard share!

General price

The scale, sturdy construction and overall price of this inflatable ship model ensure it is a good option for people who desire an inflatable craft you can use in many different recreational circumstances. You may not manage to utilize this inflatable ship on quick moving streams and streams, but also for calmer waters, it’s a good option.


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