Fishing For Hong-kong Water Bass


It absolutely was a few years back when I became living in the Hong-Kong. I made the decision to go here after I graduated from institution. Good buddy of my own had been doing work in Hong-Kong and convinced me to come try working over here also. Thus I stuffed my bags and off we decided to go to the “far east” to try anything brand new. We began being employed as an English instructor. Living there was fast paced and exciting. The nightlife had been unbelievable and it believed like I had landed on another earth! But soon we modified for this brand new exciting way of life and it became a standard life-style for me personally. It absolutely was around this time that my inner urges and my curiosity as a “born to fish angler” forced me to question if it was at all feasible that the busy Hong-Kong harbour had any fish with it worth chasing. We believed like I became a decade old once again wondering in the event that Toronto Harbour had any fish becoming caught! I consequently found out in those days there were fish here, “why cannot they be here also?”, I inquired myself.

Finding fishing information in Hong-Kong had been quite difficult at first because of the difficult. We held asking around and in the end We talked to my tresses bureau and then he explained to go to a nearby fishing shop and talk to them about fishing possibilities. I became therefore excited at the time because We knew if there was a fishing shop, here had to be some type of fishing to be had! Therefore immediately after my haircut, we hurried over to the local fishing store! When I had the doors of the shop there was a large board of fishing images. We scanned through them all, We saw images of squid caught on pole and reels, images of GT’s caught off of oil rigs, snappers caught off of tropical beaches and mangrove searching areas and We saw an image of something that seemed more like my disposal. We saw images of a this one huge fish becoming caught during the night off urban town lit shorelines. It type of appeared as if a snook and kinda’ had dots of a-sea trout, the lips of a large lips and also the shine of a steel head. These qualities were items that equaled fish i have to get!

After witnessing the fish that I wanted to a target, it was time and energy to determine what I became gonna’ must know to get this fish. We began attempting to talk to the people that worked when you look at the shop, especially the man We saw regarding the board along with those huge fish. We brought him over to the board and pointed to this awesome searching fish that I became hurting to come in touch with. Then responded for me in Cantonese “ahhh, lo yu”. So that the fish regarding the board had been called a “lo yu” but we soon identified it was called a Sea bass in English. We began to attempt to clarify the way I would like to get this thing and requested the best place to go. The man seemed some baffled but after most broken English and Pictionary style indication language he began to get my drift. Then brought me to the wall surface of lures and pointed to a number of red head white body minnow baits. Therefore picked a few but the man took over and suggested a few. We happily excepted their help and stepped away from here with a variety of lures. The lures were consisted of lipless crank baits without rattles, pencil stalwarts that barely broke the area and selection of sizes from 2-6 inch minnow baits in normal and red head tints in drifting and sinking designs.

A day later we came ultimately back with some of my pole and reel clothes to see if I had kit right to bring these exact things in. I had several calcuttas spooled with 14 pound test on a seven foot and six and half foot rod both in medium actions. The man viewed it and stated, “ok!” and provided me with the thumbs up! I inquired him where I should go and then he stated “Wan Chai” harbour. My bilingual buddy which was with me during the time requested him if I could opt for him along with his buddies a while and then he stated no issue come a few weeks so we’ll keep from the look around 7pm but bring about $100 hkd that has been about $25 can. He stated we had been likely to utilize this money to rent a boat. A few weeks finally arrived and I also had been to the shop to meet up with the local men from the tackle shop! There were three men here waiting with the exact same excited anxiousness I had along with their tackle on the backs and their rods in hand. We couldn’t speak equivalent language but I had an excellent feeling we could positively connect that gap through the love of fishing! We then all hopped in taxi and shot to popularity for the harbour. When we got here, there was a man wearing a rice hat waiting in another of those junk boats the thing is that in Bruce Lee flicks. We all hopped in his vessel and were down into the middle of Wan Chai Harbour. It took about a ten mins to get out for some stationed boats. The boats were well-lit generally there had been a shade line from light to dark developed by the boats light. The people from the shop pointed and explained to throw along the tone line as well as in between your docks and also the boats. I became starting to like the things I had been just starting to realize about these fish. It absolutely was getting clear that these fish behave similar to big lips. Before we made my first cast I became overrun because of the futuristic beauty that surrounded myself! It absolutely was a breathtaking minute, it believed like I became fishing when you look at the film Blade runner!! The Hong-Kong skyline during the night is one thing to see, especially when you’re fishing in the middle of the harbour therefore’re enclosed by it-all! Its really hard to place into words but all I’m able to state is I’ll never forget that minute which i am getting chills as I compose only at that very 2nd.

After my exhilarating minute we rushed to your front side of the vessel and hurled a cast with a giant ship with a Yo-Zuri Red Live vibration bait. We pulled it along waiting for a bite but did not get something. Every cast believed like I became likely to get bit. Around my tenth cast, we pitched a beauty cast underneath a rope as well as in between two boats where in fact the lights from the boats had been pouring down on the water. Once we involved my spooled we believed a heavy thug on my pole. We swept into it and also the thing began stripping drag like a steelhead on steroids!! After a sharp and hefty run a fish about 6lbs shot out from the liquid like a giant smallmouth! I couldn’t think it was only 6lbs, the thing fought as you would not think.! the area men were quite impressed and were amazed the way I could easily get my casts in there like that but little did they understand how long i’ve been bass fishing in Canada. Whilst the night progressed, the fishing held recovering and much better given that wave amount began to drop. We later discovered that as soon as the harbor water-level is at its greatest and also the wave starts to drop occurs when the fishing is the best. Therefore brand new moon and full moon periods were well. If the liquid and wave is still, fishing for these things are the worst, its love fishing in a severe cool front side scenario up right here. From my comprehension I think the wave stirs up the liquid and oxygenates it significantly and as a result creates fish activity.

Anywayzzz, we should have caught about twenty roughly among these crazy fish between 2-8lbs. Although we destroyed a giant (possibly 14 lbs roughly) on 8lb test on a medium light activity spinning outfit. I couldn’t do just about anything with that light pole, the fish just shot to popularity and broke myself down around a piling. We put that pole down for the night and stuck with my heavier activity bass rods. As we headed set for the evening, we did one last stop along a boat which was a restaurant playground regarding the harbor coast. The light had been pouring off of this vessel also, the man from the shop launched a pencil bait alongside the vessel and nailed yet another great one about ten pounds! The individuals included eating were cheering, it was hilarious! We did not get something afterwards and also the wave had been quite however by that point so we made a decision to head back in. Boy oh child had been we pleased, which was a 25 dollars I’ve ever spent!

When it comes to rest of my times in Hong-Kong, I discovered there were tons of other places to fish from
shore during the night. Any well-lit piece of harbour front side that had tone also had been getting apparent for me that fish might be keeping. We fished all around the town and caught numerous leaders when you look at the twenty-pound range!!! To my surprise not many everyone was fishing for these breathtaking creatures, i am aware in Japan the fishermen would have been all-around this opportunity. When I did bump into other fishermen these were just fishing really for food and never for the recreation as much. I became amazed that many of them did not have confidence in lures and appeared surprised whenever I reeled one in on anything synthetic. It however remains a mystery as to how huge the populace of Hong-Kong is and exactly how little the populace that gets on fishing. They don’t really understand what they’re lacking! Water bass however remains one of my very favourite fish to get. Who doesnot want to get a fish that functions like a large lips, battles like a steel head-on steroids and jumps like a tiny lips! I can not wait to go to other towns and cities all over the world to learn what other urban treasures lurk under the surface!


Resource by Taro Murata


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