Fishing at Manitoba’s Rock Lake


Rock Lake is some kilometers west of Pilot Mound, Manitoba. It absolutely was made by damming from the Pembina River.

Coincidentally, it is possible to fish in the dam. The dam actually large, but it is a lovely small area. All of the fish caught you will find bullheads, but they can offer some lighter moments. Rock Lake itself has actually two public launches. One could be located in the east-end of this lake therefore the other in the west end of this lake. The launch in the east-end is rather superficial. There’s absolutely no dock – you straight back your watercraft in to the liquid. The location surrounding this launch is also very good for fishing from coast. Almost all of what’s caught from coast is pike, therefore the lake boasts some fairly large and feisty ones. Since the lake is in the middle of large stones, you’ll be able to walk along the coast to get a good fishing area. Another launch has reached the west end of this lake. The west end has actually a summer neighborhood of cabins, however it is fairly little. The launch itself gets deeper quicker versus one in the east-end, nevertheless backing in is pretty high aswell. Virtually straight across from launch in the west end is a camp. There is an actual watercraft launch indeed there, however you need endure many kilometers of gravel road to obtain indeed there, and those of us who try to keep consitently the paint on our ships, this isn’t where to go with a boat you value.

Fishing from a ship provides you with the very best chance of getting walleye on Rock Lake. Trolling close to the shoreline, especially in the south-side could be rewarding. Of course, every single day differs. You can easily go out 1 day and capture your limit, therefore the overnight the one and only thing you’ll receive is frustrated. For those of you of us who enjoy fishing, this is certainly par for training course. Fishing can be much about soothing being out in the fantastic outdoors as it is about getting fish. The downside to Rock Lake is that it is really not a deep lake. This means that because of the end of June until into September/October, there is lots of algae within the liquid. These things gets caught within the outboard, and connects itself towards hook. With perseverance, you will find spots which have no less than algae therefore the fishing can still be quite good even if the water reaches a temperature of 80 levels Fahrenheit. Additionally there are some lifeless woods within the liquid, therefore hooking onto a branch is not unusual. We have damaged hardly any lines even if caught on a tree or part. Most commonly it is possible to release the range without breaking it. There is, today, not too much development in the lake as far as cabins goes, but this is certainly switching.

As soon as we fish at Rock Lake, we will generally take some salted minnows around, mostly regarding habit. What works most useful at this lake, about for people, tend to be plastic materials. Yellow and black colored, vegetables, or an orange/yellow/green combo apparently produce the best success. We have never caught any huge pike or walleye at this lake, but a walleye within the 18 to 21 inch range is an excellent eating fish, therefore the lake abounds within dimensions.

Rock Lake has some delight watercraft traffic – liquid skiers, jet skis, etc. A lot of these people remain much more in the exact middle of the lake, and also for the many part, other boaters try to respect one another as far as rate and aftermath is worried.


Supply by Chris Wiebe


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