Check out this Italian beauty – Sanlorenzo!

Go aboard the super yacht – Sanlorenzo 460EXP!

Expedition yachts have undergone a radical transformation over the last decade. The first supersize explorers were often supply vessels or commercial freighters that had been converted—often compromising comfort—into bare-bones, long-distance cruisers. These days, the modern explorer yacht has evolved into a go-anywhere vessel designed to reach the outer limits, with all the comforts and space of other superyachts.

Sanlorenzo 460EXP will wow anyone with its exquisite design and thoughtful elegant interiors. It is comfortable for staying at the sea for weeks. The 138-footer beauty is built to go as far as remote places such as Antartic or just cruise it along the Mediterranean waters.


Facts about Sanlorenzo 460EXP:

  • It was designed by designer Francesco Paszkowski
  • Facilities on board include a bar, a spa and sauna, a fitness club and a swimming pool
  • It has an extended lower deck to store submarines, kayaks, scooters and even a car
  • Its three level decks are configured to allow the uppers decks for alfresco dining or sunbathing
  • The super yacht is big enough to host up to 12 guests


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Source: Robb Report

Photo credit: Sanlorenzoamericas