Bass Tracker II Vessel Upgrades


I purchased a Bass Tracker II watercraft about 2 yrs ago and I also do like my watercraft. The watercraft cost $2500; it emerged equipped with a 35 HP Mercury, an electric powered begin, a console base managed trolling engine, and one depth finder. It is extremely light making it easy to haul and to maneuver on and off the trailer. 

Today after a couple of years, and also this becoming my first fishing-boat, we started considering buying another watercraft. The function I was most enthusiastic about was more storage, plus the newer designs seem to fit the bill as they are generally broader now then past designs. The newer ships also provide much more available space for hiking and fishing making it easy to move to throw. But the reason why spend up to $9000 for another watercraft when I could update my present tracker. I am aware lots of people will say that isn’t that much money but Im economical; fine, some may state cheap.

I did so look around and looked over various other fishing boats for sale; I found some nice bass ships, but In addition discovered ships that required loads of work. The bottom line is that I didn’t get a hold of what I was looking; the broader ships constantly had much more HP and I also am pleased with the 35 HP engine We have. The speed is more then sufficient when it comes to ponds we fish and I also have great gasoline mileage. Which is an important concern to inquire of your self when considering all choices; “what do i want when it comes to style of fishing I do plus the ponds we fish?”

As you may have guessed, I made the decision to help keep and update my bass tracker. My first goal would be to create more storage; the rear of my watercraft had a swivel seat, two electric batteries and a vehicle’s gas tank on the floor this means anyone fishing at the back of the watercraft needed to fumble around all this watercraft gear. My first update would be to improve the straight back flooring of watercraft towards same degree given that front side. I discovered that a plastic pallet fit my requirements for liquid proof floors completely and included this towards straight back of watercraft. I then connected hinges to achieve usage of my electric batteries and gas tank. One explanation the pallet worked wonderfully usually it has little triangle holes that stop electric battery or gas fumes from gathering. Next we moved and bolted the swivel seat onto my “new flooring”. I was happy exactly how this ended up both in purpose and in appearances. I achieved my task of more storage. Today my gas tank and three electric batteries tend to be kept beneath the new flooring with room for any other fishing gear, minnow container, anchor, additional tackle box and so forth. I nonetheless was seeking to enhance my space usage and I also didn’t have good spot to put the three to four rods I use, thus I mounted some simple straight rod holders constructed from PVC towards front side of my system. Nonetheless, I was maybe not done with storage. I needed good area to store my life jackets and dip net. To solve this matter we included a 4 base wide by 1foot high piece of netting on a tiny area opposite of gaming console unused space to store these things. This permitted for fast retrieval of jackets and web when required.

Since my storage issues were improved, we managed to move on to some other jobs I experienced in your mind. I included a GPS depth finder (used PVC conduit fixtures for custom swivel base), upgraded my 28# trolling engine to a 55# trolling engine and purchased 6 ply trailer tires. These things we think about mandatory improvements to improve the my capability to get a hold of fish and manage the watercraft on a windy day and last tires, to insure no issues on traveling to well known fishing spots. But used to do install some nice having items such a 3 bank onboard electric battery charger; connect it in and charge all three electric batteries at a time. In addition, a battery switch was set up giving me personally the possibility to choose which trolling electric battery to use directly from my system. To finish things down we included a few nice having plastic tool holders in-front and one at the back of the watercraft; cheap and yet really handy.

My total update prices for the ground, trolling engine, storage net, onboard electric battery charger, electric battery switch, tool holders, tires, GPS depth finder and new swivel chairs stumbled on around $825. Being cheap, after all economical, we shopped available for top costs i really could get a hold of and waited for some what to be on sale. In addition, I didn’t do that at one time; we worked on the improvements over a 6 month period. Indeed i really could have purchased a newer watercraft, but by applying these improvements, we ended up having a boat that includes every thing I wanted and lots of new gear without breaking the bank.

All I am able to state each instance is significantly diffent, it may be lots of fun to update your watercraft and you will know precisely just what condition your gear is in. However, if you will need a larger or smaller watercraft to meet up your fishing requirements start looking available for those discounted prices.

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